How to Install WordPress Using cPanel/Xampp/Localhost

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Hello Tech lovers! At present, WordPress is the most powerful and flexible Content Management System (CMS) across the world. You can build any type of website with this insane CMS. WordPress is very easy to use, convenient, and Flexible. As a result, most of the websites build with WordPress The installation process of WordPress is easier than use. This guide will help you to install WordPress on Cpanel/Xampp/Localhost.

You can install WordPress both online and offline. If you want to install WordPress on your Cpanel, you must have Web Hosting. On the other hand, you can install WordPress locally on your computer by using Xampp/Wamp Server. In this guide, I will cover both the process.

How to Install WordPress using cPanel?

cPanel is the most powerful and handy Linux-based web hosting Control Panel developed by cPanel, L.L.C. It has an easy to use Graphical User Interface that makes it more flexible to end-users. cPanel & WHM allows the administration of the entire server. You will be able to manage Files, Databases, Domains, E-Mails, and many more from cPanel. Let’s back to the main subject, How you can Install WordPress from cPanel?

There are Multiple Ways of installing WordPress from cPanel. The easiest way is Softaculous Apps Installer. Softaculous is available most of the hosting cPanel. This is the easiest and Automatic way to Install WordPress.

WordPress Installation Process using cPanel

First sign in to your Web Hosting cPanel, you will see a search bar at the top of the options. Search by typing WordPress or scroll down to the Software section. Simply select WordPress and continue the process. Follow the snapshot instructions.


You will see below interface than click on Install.


Now select your desired WordPress version and select HTTPS or HTTPS://WWW (if you want to use www) and select your domain where the WordPress will be installed. Here our domain is select yours.


After that, scroll down and you will see the Admin Account section. In that section, you have to select your admin username and Password. Make sure you select a Strong Password or Generate a Strong Password.


Now scroll down and you will see the Install button press the button, within a few minutes your WordPress will be installed into your website directory. Now visit your website you will see WordPress has been installed on your website.

You can log in to WordPress Dashboard just put /wp-admin after your website link. Ours is

How to Install WordPress Manually Using cPanel?

Installing WordPress Manually Using cPanel is a little bit tricky process. As a result, you must have some knowledge about creating MySQL database, root directories, and transferring files using FTP/File Manager. In that process, we will create our database manually and integrate the database with a user.

After that, we will note down the database name, database username, database password. And then we will download WordPress latest version and upload it in our domain directory. So, let’s get start it.

First we will create a database and a database user from MySQL database section.

database creation

Now, put a unique name as a database name and press create database.

Now, we will create a database user for integrating with our database. Scroll down and you will see Add New User section, put a username and password. Generate a Strong Password.

After creating database and database user scroll down you will see Add User To Database section, Now select your database user and database and click on ADD.

Now you will see a new interface named Manage User Privileges. Here, we will allow Privileges to our database user. Mark ALL PRIVILEGES and click on Make Change.

We have successfully integrated our users into our database. Now we transfer WordPress files to our domain directory using File Manager or FTP. File Manager is the easiest way I personally prefer the File Manager option.

In this manual process, we will Download WordPress installable files. Download the latest released WordPress 5.5.3 from

After that, we will upload the downloaded zip file into our domain root directory via File Manager. Go to File Manager from your cPanel, and then select your domain directory. Note: the default directory is public_html. Here, we are using our subdomain that’s why we will upload WordPress files into our subdomain root folder.

select public_html folder and upload the WordPress zip file into this folder. after that extract the zip file in this folder. Done! we have successfully uploaded the WordPress installable files.

Now just visit your website and you will see the interface of installing WordPress. You will see something look like this.

Select your language and continue the process. After that, you will be asked to enter your database connection details. Remember we have already created a database named devmaiho_testdatabase and a user devmaiho_testdatabaseuser just put all the database connection details and submit.

Now create your administration profile and finish the process, that’s it. We have successfully installed WordPress manually from cPanel. Now login to your admin panel and customize and build your website.

Installing WordPress on Xampp/Localhost?

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