How to Duplicate a page or post in WordPress with a Single Click

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Nowadays, Most commercial and non-commercial websites are built with WordPress. The best thing is that you can build any type of website using WordPress.

It’s a very easy-to-use, lightweight, and powerful Content Management System. There are tons of themes and plugins for WordPress. You can customize your WordPress Website whatever you want.

Duplicating pages is very crucial when developing a website on WordPress. First of all, you need to install WordPress using Cpanel or on your localhost. See our guide about How to Install WordPress Using cPanel/Xampp/Localhost. Let’s go on the main guide about Duplicating a page in WordPress easily.

Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

There are tons of plugins available to make a duplicate page in WordPress. This guide will introduce you to some best plugins that allow you to duplicate any page/post in WordPress with a Single Click.

At first, download the Yoast Duplicate post plugin and install it on your website. After activating this plugin you will see some options in every single post below.

By clicking the clone option you will be able to Duplicate any type of Post or Page with a single click. There are also New Draft, Rewrite & Republish options as well. The new Draft option is for getting this specific post to Draft mode.

You can now start rewriting your post in this duplicate of the original post. If you click “Republish”, this rewritten post will replace the original post.

You will also find the same options for pages as well.

Customizing Duplicate Post Plugin Options

This page or post duplicator plugin comes with some advanced features. Users can select which elements he/she want to clone or copy using this plugin.

On the other hand, if there are any custom post types users will be able to see all custom post types enable or disable them.

It’s also user-friendly there is an option to set the Roles of the users to allowed copy post/page. let’s take a look over the plugin settings.

Head over to the Settings » Duplicate Post section to customize/configure plugin settings.

The options of the plugin are separated by three different tabs. On the first tab, you will see some options about what element of a post/page you want to copy. There are some other conditions to set up.

You can keep this plugin in the default setting this also works well. if you want to enable some extra features then the setting and options are for you.

On the second tab, you will get the permissions and enabling the post types option. Here you can find the interesting and most useful settings of this plugin.

Allow which users can copy/clone/duplicate posts and which post type you want to take under the duplicator plugin.

If you have any custom post type you will be able to see all the post types that you already have.

On the third tab, users can select, enable and disable the options of displaying links, items, and notices. These options are for navigation and Display.

After enabling options don’t forget to click on save changes. Configure it in your way and make it easier to play!

That’s all for today, I hope you learned how to duplicate a page in WordPress. Basically, we want to make it easier to understand anything to users. Duplicate a page in WordPress is really very easy.

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