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Divi nulled is a Modern, Advanced, Highly Customizable, and Responsive WordPress theme that comes with a dedicated drag-and-drop page building tool. It is also one of the most widely used WordPress themes. Its multipurpose theme makes it suitable for all types of websites you can build with WordPress. In addition, Divi has been continuously updated over the years. Divi now features a drag-and-drop page building tool, hundreds upon hundreds of templates, numerous customization options, settings, and many other useful features.

Demo Divi WordPress Theme

A huge selection of responsive, high-quality website designs is provided by Divi as well as various tools for customization available to allow you to tweak your designs further. It includes their famous drag-and-drop page builder Divi Builder, their Theme Builder tool and Divi Library. Additionally, the WordPress theme customizer is available too. Get the latest version of Divi Theme free download and build your website easily.

Divi WordPress Theme Features

  • Real-time Design
  • You can make everything custom
  • Organise with Ease
  • 46 Content Elements
  • Very little or there is no loading
  • Click and enter
  • Responsive Editing
  • Global Elements
  • Import and Export
  • Premade Layouts
  • Online Editing
  • Draggable Widths
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Instant Content
  • Responsive Editing
  • Drag & Drop
  • 800+ Pre-made designs
  • 100+ Full Website Packs

Free Download Divi Nulled

Download Divi 4.11.3 Nulled – The Most Popular WordPress Theme for Free. Click the above download button to start the Download immediately. We always share the latest WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Script. You can download all latest and popular WordPress Free Themes and Plugins from this web portal.

Short Info
Name: Divi
Version: 4.11.3
Platform: WordPress
Language: English
version 4.11.3 ( updated 10-15-2021 )
- Fixed a bug that could break the last published Post Header styles.
- Fixed Magnific Popup not working with gallery shortcode in child themes in certain cases.
- Fixed a bug with text alignment not working in the Blog module's grid layout.
- Fixed missing icon styles and missing popup styles on custom post types when Dynamic CSS was disabled.
- Fixed an incompatibility issue related to Defer jQuery optimization and some Mailchimp scripts.
- Fixed issue with gutter styles when 3rd party plugins inject Divi shortcodes.
- Fixed "Author", "Dynamic Posts", "Post Type" and "Search Results" Display Conditions so they would only run on related queries.
- Fixed issue that caused slowness or crashing of the visual builder on very large layouts.
- Added a new 'et_deferred_styles_rel' hook to allow changing the rel attribute for deferred styles.
- Fixed a bug with fold and flip animations that was introduced in Firefox 93 due to a change in how the perspective function works.
- Fixed cache not being removed when theme builder templates are being reset.
- Fixed issue with auto blogging plugins not rendering styles for theme builder layouts.
- Fixed "Author", "Dynamic Posts", "Post Type" and "Search Results" Display Conditions so they would only run on related queries.
- Fixed styles are not being applied on the FE after updating a layout/ global module.
- Fixed missing cloud tag widget styles.
- Fixed sidebar separator being in the wrong place on regular pages if all widgets are removed.
	* core/components/PageResource.php
	* includes/builder/class-et-builder-module-use-detection.php
	* includes/builder/compat/scripts.php
	* includes/builder/feature/CriticalCSS.php
	* includes/builder/feature/dynamic-assets/class-dynamic-assets.php
	* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
	* includes/builder/frontend-builder/theme-builder/api.php
	* includes/builder/module/field/display-conditions/Author.php
	* includes/builder/module/field/display-conditions/DynamicPosts.php
	* includes/builder/module/field/display-conditions/PostType.php
	* includes/builder/module/field/display-conditions/SearchResults.php
	* includes/functions/dynamic-assets.php

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