12 Best Tech Blog Themes in WordPress 2022

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Each theme in the collection is ideal for creating WordPress tech blogs. All the themes have at least one website demo that was specifically designed for this purpose. This allows you to import pre-built templates into your WordPress dashboard, giving you everything you need to start your own tech blog.

All of the best WordPress technology blog themes are flexible. You can edit pre-built templates with the top page builder plugins. However, you can also modify the look of your site using the theme settings and controls.

Many themes also include demos that can be used to create a different look for your blog. While many of these templates may work well for tech blogs, there are many other layouts and designs that you can choose from each time you create a website or publish an article.

If you are thinking to make a startup with a technology blog these themes would help you a lot. This collection has many great themes to help you start a tech blog

1. Networker

Networker is a WordPress theme that focuses on tech news. It also includes a variety of magazine and blogging demos. There are demos for startup, gadget and software blogs as well as the main demo. You should be able either to use the main demo or one of the more specific options, no matter what type of tech blog it is.

You’ll notice that all the Networker demos have attractive homepages. These templates are great for creating news or magazine websites as well as blogs with lots of content. The layouts can display multiple articles each with a title, featured image, and each article. This allows visitors to choose from many articles when they visit your site.

Networker has some additional features that will make your website more attractive to visitors. Networker supports the display of featured videos rather than images in posts. To make your website more attractive, you can use videos as backgrounds for pages.

Networker has a variety of elements that you can insert into your pages. This makes it easy to add image galleries, sliders and carousels to your content. Networker allows you to insert products into articles. This makes Networker great for reviewing items your customers may be interested in buying.

Networker’s large collection of templates is one of the reasons why you should choose it. There are many designs available for individual articles as well as the homepage layouts. You can choose from many templates to display your most recent posts on the archive pages. You can create a variety of archive templates for different categories so your tech blog can have a unique design that never gets boring.

Networker is available in both dark and light modes, so your customers can choose which option they prefer.

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2. Soledad

Soledad is a multi-concept WordPress magazine and blog theme that offers thousands of templates. This is a multi-purpose theme that can be used for almost any kind of website or blog.

Soledad has over 6,800 homepage examples, so you will be spoiled for choice when you build your tech blog. Three blog designs have been specifically created for news and technology blogs.

Soledad allows you to access all the pre-made templates and can also be used to create your own design. Many of the Soledad elements, including the magazine article grid designs and slider layouts, can be combined to create unique page designs.

You can customize your website with the WPBakery Page Building plugins. These tools are easy to use and will make it easier to create a unique design for your WordPress blog.

You can view the theme’s changelog to see all the new features and improvements since its launch. If you have long-term plans for your tech blog, it’s worth considering investing in Soledad.

Soledad offers professional-looking templates for reviewing content that you can use to publish such content on your tech blog.

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2. Zeen

Zeen is a WordPress theme for a modern tech magazine. It’s constantly updated to keep it current. Zeen is an online magazine and news WordPress theme that can be used to publish a variety of content, including tech articles. Two Zeen demos are specifically designed for tech websites.

You’ll also find one for gaming websites and a few other templates that will work well for tech projects. The Zeen demos include a variety of layouts and templates, as you would expect from a well-known magazine theme.

You have access to several layouts for your homepage, as well as multiple page designs. It is a good idea to choose a theme with some attractive templates if you want your content to stand out. These templates can be seen in action if you look at the Zeen demos.

This theme also includes a variety of features that will help you build your mailing list or email newsletter. You can display elements such as the pop-up and in-content sign-up forms on your website to encourage people to join your mailing list.

Zeen is also ad-compatible making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to monetize their tech blog using display ads. Zeen allows you to place ads in multiple locations and on tag and category archive pages. It also supports mobile-friendly ad displays. This means that you don’t need additional tools to generate income from your blog.

Zeen is also designed to load quickly without sacrificing essential features. This can be verified by clicking the link from the theme website to access the Google PageSpeed Insights services. This will allow you to see how fast a Zeen-built demo site loads.

Zeen comes with Google AMP support so that your site can be viewed on mobile devices.

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3. InHype

InHype offers many ready-made website templates that are suitable for tech blogs. There are 10 ready-made website demos included in the InHype package. This gives you a wide range of options for setting up your tech blog. All of the demos are suitable for publishing tech news and reviews. The theme supports eCommerce, so you can add products to any page, such as gadgets and digital downloads.

InHype allows you to choose from 14 different layouts for every article you publish on your tech blog. Each layout is unique, so you have a wide range of options. InHype doesn’t force you to present your content the same way.

There are many templates that can be used to list your latest blog posts. These archive templates are available in many forms that allow you to present your content in the best way possible. The different templates can be assigned to particular archive pages. This allows you to personalize your blog and gives it a unique overall look.

InHype places a lot of emphasis on publishing reviews. To make your review stand out from other articles on your website, there are two review templates available. These templates include additional elements such as rating charts, pros and cons lists, and overall scoring systems. InHype is a flexible blogging theme that allows you to publish the most recent tech news, reviews and tutorials.

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4. Newspaper

Newspaper is a popular WordPress news theme. It also includes a demo of a tech news blog. Newspaper is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable WordPress theme to use for your tech blog. The newspaper has sold over 100,000 copies. This theme is known for its quick response and prompt resolution.

Newspaper is a well-known theme that has been updated regularly over the years. It’s still a very popular theme that is comparable to other top-selling WordPress themes. There are over 40 options available, in addition to the demo for tech news websites.

You might find some that are suitable for your project. You won’t regret sticking with the tech news demo. This homepage layout was created to allow you to display as many of the most recent articles as possible. This important area of your website can have many layouts and widgets.

The integration with tagDiv Cloud Library allows you to access the ever-growing list of templates right from your WordPress dashboard. You can then select and download the ones that you wish to use on your website.

You can edit any of the Newspaper templates, or any other part of the theme using the builder feature. This allows you to customize the header, footer and content areas on your website.

You have complete creative control over your website’s design with the tagDiv Composer. Newspaper offers a wide range of tech-blog-friendly features, which has only grown over time.

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5. Ceris

Ceris offers over 40 blog template templates. You can transfer pre-built Ceris content to your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks, regardless of whether you choose the technology demonstration, the main generic option or any other.

Once you have imported one of the demos, your new site foundation will be ready for your content. These widgets are available in Ceris, so you can add them to your sidebars or other widget-ready areas on your tech blog.

These widgets include a recommended article carousel, which allows your visitors to scroll through a selection from your posts.

Another displays the most read articles on your site. A third links to your blog’s category pages. Although the demo content looks great, you can also customize how your website looks.

It’s easy to modify the fonts, spacing, and colours through the theme options panel. The integrated page builder allows you to modify all templates in the Ceris demos.

These include allowing your readers to give instant feedback via emojis and turning on infinity scroll. Ceris has a bookmarking system that allows users to save articles for later.

Ceris offers many useful features that will help you elevate your tech blog above the rest.

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6. ZoxPress

ZoxPress offers three demos for a tech-focused blog or magazine site. The ZoxPress templates and demos make excellent use of the space they have. Their full-width layouts are the reason. This allows you to display images and other content from any edge of your browser window.

ZoxPress allows you to create a unique design for your tech blog, whether you use the full-width layouts to show large featured images or the grid layouts to present your most recent content.

ZoxPress offers many interesting features that will enhance your user experience. Post autoloading is one of these features. When the user finishes reading the current article, this feature displays the next article automatically. This feature will help you increase the time people spend on your tech blog.

A dark mode switch is available on your blog. Your visitors will be able to easily reduce the glare and strain on their eyes by using this dark mode switch. This is another way to increase their time browsing your blog.

ZoxPress also offers a number of monetization options. Parallax ads are one example. This feature will allow your visitors to scroll down the page and reveal ads. You can also use wallpaper ads to display full-screen ads on your website’s background.

The compatible WooCommerce plugin usable to create subscriptions and memberships for your tech blog. This theme and WooCommerce allow you to sell other products such as digital downloads or physical items. Because ZoxPress integrates with Google AMP, it is also mobile-friendly.

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7. Ennlil

Ennlil magazine theme is modern and stylish with a tech-focused demo. This theme is easy to set up and should make it possible for anyone to create a tech blog. The one-click demo importer tool makes it easy to set up your website.

You will first need to choose one of the demos available from the eight options. This guide’s readers will choose the tech blog demo. To avoid distractions, Ennlil tech blog demonstration uses a lot of white space by default.The dark mode feature will appeal to those who want their visitors to have the option to select the viewing experience they prefer.

The Ennlil Tech blog homepage template will give you an idea of the versatility of this theme. This layout gives your homepage a unique look. Ennlil displays your most recent articles in multiple rows with their own column layouts.

Tabbed widgets allow you to make the most of your space and full-width sections are available for highlighting the most important articles. Video content will support. This allows you to quickly add video content to your homepage or other areas of your blog.

Ennlil offers more than just stylish templates. You also have the option to use the Elementor plugin and the many settings and options available through the control panel. This allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your blog so it looks just right.

Ennlil is an excellent example of a WordPress theme that works great right out of the gate and still allows you to customize it.

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8. Papr

Papr offers a technology demo that is ideal for blogs and online news magazines sites. The technology demo included with Papr is similar to those found on professional tech news websites. Grid layout allows you to display many articles from your website on the homepage.

Every article link comes with a featured image. This can help you grab your audience’s attention. To give your site a more eye-catching look, you can enable the hover-activated zoom effect on featured images. Banners can be displayed on the Papr homepage or other layouts. These banners can be used to draw attention and promote content on your site as well as items that are available elsewhere.

If you have a product to sell on your site, or if you are selling advertising space that links directly to partner sites, this feature will work well. Papr also offers video support. You can publish videos to your website, but you can also use thumbnails for video to direct your visitors to your video content.

Six different templates are available from Papr to help you present your articles the way you want. You have a variety of options when it comes to how your articles will be presented because they are all different. It is especially well-designed, with the large featured image at full width.

The variety of templates allows you to display your content in many different ways. However, the Elementor page builder supports editing the templates and creating your own. You have almost limitless creative options when it is time to design your tech blog.

Papr also works well with the WordPress block editor. This allows you to insert many blocks into your content, creating interesting layouts for articles. Papr is constantly updating its templates and demos, so this theme will likely continue to be a favorite.

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10. JNews

JNews is a popular WordPress theme that allows you to create blogs. This theme was released in 2017 and is still a popular WordPress theme for tech blogs. JNews is a great theme for anyone who wants to start a WordPress blog. Regular updates keep the theme’s style current and competitive. New features are also added regularly.

The latest JNews update includes user bookmarks, a RSS feed module, website demos, as well as other features. There’s a good chance that JNews will give you access to a theme that is only getting better with each update.

The current version of JNews isn’t lacking any features. There are more than 150 homepage layouts you can choose from when it comes to demos. Many designs are available for almost every topic, including tech news.

There are many options for templates for archives and posts. This gives you the ability to create a variety of styles for these areas. You can add many different elements to the articles you create with JNews. These elements can be seen on the JNews demo websites.

To give you an idea, you can add a variety of elements to your posts. You can test all elements of JNews. Also, the demo site allows you to access the admin area. JNews allows you to personalize your tech blog by editing the header and footer.

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In this article, We have tried to bring you a complete list of the best WordPress tech blog themes. There are tons of technology WordPress themes on the marketplaces. 

These high-quality, WordPress tech blog themes can be a great way for you to get your website up and running. These themes come with both pre-made templates and easy-to-use customization options. 

By the way, each theme is unique, they all offer amazing value and have their strengths and weaknesses. We have also a collection of Free WordPress Themes.

Based on user demand and popularity, we will add more WordPress free themes in the near future. If you like a free WordPress theme let us know in the comment below.

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