15+ Best Photography Themes in WordPress 2022

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Are you looking for WordPress Photography Themes? A WordPress photography website is the best way to showcase your passion as a photographer.

A WordPress photography theme can help you to create a professional website and share your photos in an engaging way. This article will share the top WordPress photography themes that will help you to build your photography website.

Best WordPress Photography Themes 2022

Here we selected some Best WordPress photography themes.  All themes are top-performing, SEO optimized, Responsible, and highly customizable.

All the photography themes are specially designed for Photographers. Let’s head over our collection of photography WordPress themes.

1. Kinetika

Kinetika is a powerful theme that supports fullscreen photography as well as Woocommerce. This theme comes with built-in photo proofing galleries, events posts, and a variety of portfolio showcase functions.

The homepage of Kinetika offers many ways to showcase your work. There are many options available: a slider with full width, embed YouTube videos and Vimeo videos, a photo wall, or a particle slideshow. The latter is the most striking, but you can decide if it distracts from your work.

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2. Photography

The most used WordPress theme for photography is Photography. It is the most popular theme for photography on ThemeForest.

The Photography theme includes a full set of features that will allow you to create a professional photography website. By using the Photography theme you can sell your photos and present them professionally. 

It includes 70+ pre-designed portfolio templates and photo galleries, 9 thumbnail hover effects, two lightbox plugins, and 2 lightbox plugins. 

It also offers many options for password protection galleries, photo proofing, and client archive pages. There are 24 preset demos that cover both white and darker skin tones. Each demo is importable in just one click, so you can immediately start your photography website.

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3. Novo

Novo Photography is a great WordPress theme for photographers, blogs, agencies, and studios. It makes it easy to create professional photography websites in no time. It is simple to use and allows you to set the theme settings and modify the design as desired without having to code or hire a developer. 

This theme provides powerful photoprotection options such as password protection, right-click protection, and watermarks. These features allow you to protect your professional work and secure your photos from theft and copying. 

You can also sell your photos directly from your website with the fully-featured eCommerce options. You can quickly start your new website by importing one of the demos. Then, customize it to your liking.

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4. Photo Me

Photo-Me is extremely customizable and is perfect for photographers who wish to showcase their work on a website as impressive as the images they display. Photo-Me is worth the amazing work you’ll display on it.

You have almost unlimited color, icon, and font options to choose from to create the look that best suits your style. Over 50 portfolio and gallery templates allow you to add negative space to compliment your content.

You can display your photos in the most appropriate way with eight different gallery displays, including horizontal, parallax, and Ken Burns. The intuitive menu layout allows for easy, elegant navigation tools.

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5. Inspiro

Inspiro is a stunning fullscreen WordPress theme with beautiful animation effects and a sophisticated design. The Inspiro design truly is a work of art. 

The Inspiro design is a true work of art. It uses all the right colors, all the right typography, and just enough white space to allow readers to breathe. 

The gallery has a cool animation effect. When you hover your mouse over an item in the gallery, it zooms in slightly and displays text along with a call-to-action button. Simply move your mouse up or down to scroll the text on the gallery item, depending on how long it is. 

Portfolio items use the exact same animation but with an extra feature that allows the items to slide in an uninterrupted line from left to right.

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6. Kreativa

Kreativa is a beautiful and feature-rich WordPress template for photography that’s now available on Themeforest.

The Kreativa theme includes advanced features such as fullscreen slideshows and fullscreen menus, portfolio galleries and image and portfolio galleries, Ajax likings, and horizontal and vertical menus.

Other features include photo proofing and client management, lightbox, gallery thumbnail hover effect effects, and lightbox. It also includes powerful plugins such as Revolution Slider and Yoast SEO. 

It also has an integrated page builder, which allows you to create a website quickly and easily. You can easily design your website by simply arranging the drag-and-drop elements.

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7. Oshine

Oshine is a multipurpose creative theme that can be used to build websites for photographers, artists, freelancers, and agencies. This theme is compatible with visual page builders. 

There are 43 demos to choose from and more than 100 sample pages that you can download and install with just one click. Oshine is specially designed for professional photographers and features stunning sliders, carousels, and password-protected galleries.

It allows for unlimited layout options, full control over colors, typography, and infinite menu styles to make your site unique. It is a great theme with 5 out of 5-star average user ratings on Themeforest’s marketplace.

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8. TheGem

TheGem is a full-screen theme that is arguably one of the best examples of modern web design. They can look almost widescreen due to the current size of modern displays. High-quality functionality is essential for a full-screen theme. 

TheGem has bundled with Slider Revolution plugin. This allows you to create interactive heroes screens with video backgrounds and cutting-edge elements like the ‘particles animation. 

It provides over 400 sample templates that will help you quickly get started with your layout. The Visual Composer plugin is available to help you create any layout you want.

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9. TwoFold

Photographers produce work that is cutting-edge. This type of work should not be relegated to a dull or outdated design. TwoFold is a modern theme that allows you to capture photography at the forefront. 

This theme is stunningly cool right away. There are many homepage layouts that allow you to scroll through your images in a unique way. Even the Contact page looks great, with an embedded Google Map displaying at full screen.

Although this may not seem exciting on paper, it is in line with TwoFold’s innovative approach. TwoFold has an incredible set of animations that will help you showcase your images. It is the best choice if your goal is to show your work differently.

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10. Uncode

There are two ways to choose a theme that fits a niche, such as photography. Although a niche-specific theme is a good choice, it can be limited in terms of features. 

Uncode is a multipurpose theme that allows you to create stunning images with the same functionality. You also have a lot of options. Uncode isn’t specifically designed for photography but it does offer many useful features that can be used to create websites for photographers. 

There are templates or ‘concepts” for photography websites that provide everything you need. You can also use the WPBakery Page Builder plugin for more customized design needs.

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11. BlackSilver

A professional website is essential if you want to be considered a serious photographer. You can either learn the basics of web development, or you can use a theme like Blacksilver to do the bulk of the work. 

Blacksilver is a great tool to help you improve both the design and functionality of your portfolio. There are 12 different designs that place the emphasis on your photography. With just one click, you can import them and choose from hundreds of different internal page layouts. Interactive galleries are available in every demo.

You also have many options for customizing your internal navigation. Blacksilver is a theme that allows you to make your photography website stand out. You can add filters to your photos, enable lazy loading to speed up page speed, and create password-protected galleries for your clients.

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12. Whizz

Your images are what make a website ideal for photography. Whizz will allow you to embrace any negative space that is available. Whizz is a multi-purpose theme that allows you to access over 46 photography website demos. 

Each of them has full-screen galleries. The main difference between each case is your choice of the navigation menu. You can choose from minimalistic sidebars or stylish menus depending on how much space you need. 

Whizz allows you to create private galleries with images and PDFs. These galleries allow clients to approve work and provide feedback. You can also sync your images to the industry-standard Adobe Lightroom software for faster editing.

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13. Astro

Astro offers a unique vertical accordion homepage design. You can choose to open or close it. You can click on anyone to open a mini gallery. This would be great for creatives and photographers. It is responsive and features a collapsed navigation that you can open as needed. 

Astro is versatile and can be used as a portfolio site or corporate website. You have a variety of layout options to give Astro a completely different look. There are many shortcode options that allow you to design and implement any functionality or design you want. 

You can find pricing tables, progress bars, and service content blocks with icons. These features allow you to feature a lot in a small user experience so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

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14. Impreza

Impreza is an impressive theme that can be used to build multipurpose websites. It is another top-selling theme and one of the most highly rated themes on ThemeForest. It has over 48 000 sales and average user ratings of 4.8 out of 5 It integrates well with WPBakery Visual Page Maker, Slider Revolution, and Ultimate Addons to Visual Composer. 

You can create any kind of website with this theme, even stunning photography sites, thanks to the power of these plugins. There are multiple pre-designed demos with just one click, including a photo demo. 

It also features 17 portfolio grid styles and unlimited sliders. You can also customize your header and footer to make your site unique.

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15. Azalea

What words come to mind when you think about fashion? You might think of terms like modern, sleek, and stylish. Your website should be suitable for fashion photography. This is where Azalea steps in. You need to make your content stand out in order for it to be used in the fashion industry.

There are 12 options available. If you need a specific design, however, the WPBakery Page Builder plugin is available. Azalea has a wide range of options for displaying your portfolio. 

The theme’s list feature can be used to create a portfolio, or clients who are already on the hook can use the built-in proofing functionality. This will speed up the payment process.

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In this article, We have tried to bring you a complete list of the best photography WordPress themes. There are many freeware WordPress themes on the WordPress directory. 

These high-quality, WordPress photography themes can be a great way for you to get your website up and running. These themes come with both pre-made templates and easy-to-use customization options. 

By the way, each theme is unique, they all offer amazing value and have their strengths and weaknesses. We have also a collection of Free WordPress Themes.

Based on user demand and popularity, we will add more WordPress free themes in the near future. If you like a free WordPress theme let us know in the comment below.

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