[Top 10] Best Filmmaker WordPress Themes in 2022

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If you’re in the field of film or work in a similar field, this selection of top WordPress themes designed for film makers can aid you in creating professional websites. We’ve gathered the top Filmmaker WordPress themes that you can choose to create your own professional website to showcase your work.

The themes here are suitable for an array of needs that include creating movie-related websites and sites for actors and directors. The themes featured in this collection include excellent video support making it easy to upload and show videos for the WordPress website. 

Many themes have ticket selling capabilities, as well as other e-commerce features that will assist you in selling merchandise or memorabilia. You can even sell downloading videos directly to your site.

Best WordPress Theme for Filmmakers in 2022

In this article, you will get a list of hand-picked best WordPress Theme for Filmmakers. If you are a person working in Entertainment and Video Industry this list is going to very useful for you. Our experts choose these themes based on designs, pre-made templates, Responsiveness and Usability.

Each and every themes in this list are highly customizable, 100% Responsive and Modern Designs. Therefore, choose the best theme that is suitable for you and build your online platform easily.

1. Cinerama

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Cinerama is an WordPress theme that is ideal for filmmakers and film studios who want to speedily launch new websites.

With an extensive range of website demos to select from, you’ll be able choose which homepage template you’d like to incorporate into your film website, and then upload it to your WordPress dashboard with only a couple of clicks. 

The choices include film festivals, film studios, blogs, as well as other kinds of websites that are related to film, so it’s likely that you’ll discover a design that is suitable for your needs from Cinerama.

In order to help you promote your videos as well as other video content, the Cinerama theme includes a selection of portfolio layouts that are specifically designed for film. 

Alongside the appealing layouts The Cinerama portfolio templates provide you with plenty of space to display stills from your videos and embed videos in your content. Additionally, you can utilize time-line templates that present the story of your career or the progress of your company or the latest projects. 

Alongside the templates for portfolios you’ll also find pre-designed designs for the various additional pages your film website will probably require. A few examples are the about, contact and blog pages on your website. It is also possible to make use of the e-commerce feature within this theme. You can display items for sale, which includes physical products and digital downloads.

  • For film production company presentation.
  • Countless movie & project showcase elements.
  • Suitable for filmmakers, movie studios, etc.

2. Silverscreen

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Silverscreen is a theme designed specifically for film production companies, as well as filmmakers.

Anyone working in the film industry or related fields will consider this theme to be very useful. The default style of design has an appealing design that instantly let your visitors know what kind of site they’re on. But, with nine different demos of your homepage and site to pick from You’ll have many options to set up your site.

With these themes and demonstrations, Silverscreen is ready to help you create an online presence to showcase the film, showcase your skills and services as actor, or even showcase your showreel of projects you’ve been working on. The creation of a website to promote the film festival falls within the reach of Silverscreen.

Silverscreen WordPress theme. Along with the design of the homepage it also comes with all of the page templates your film-related website might require. With this theme the ability to add details about your project or skills is easy and so is publishing an FAQ, contact page, as well as a blog. 

Silverscreen is a great theme for e-commerce. Silverscreen theme comes with full e-commerce support as well, giving you the possibility of selling physical items and digital downloads through your site as and collecting payment in exchange for services.

To allow you to customize your site, the top most popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin part of this Silverscreen theme pack. Alongside this drag-and-drop editor as well as it’s the WordPress Customizer is also available to make sure you can make your website look exactly the way you want.

  • Remarkable features for the movie industry.
  • For film production companies & filmmakers.
  • Great elements for promoting movie projects.

3. Noxe

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Noxe is a film producer and studio WordPress theme with more than 18 demo websites. With its extensive collection of demo websites, Noxe can definitely be described as a multi-purpose filmmaker WordPress theme. Alongside the general-purpose filmmaker demo site there are other themes for film studios film portals, movie studios, as well as film festivals websites. 

There are also demos for making websites for actors and directors as well as one that is for advertising a movie’s release. It’s possible to conclude that no matter what kind of film or site you’d like to launch using WordPress you’ll find an appropriate demonstration here.

In addition to the template for your homepage, the templates contain a number of inside pages templates. This means you can easily create content for your website that covers a variety of topics, like the services we offer and information on past projects, and contact information to mention some.

Despite the fact that due to their size, videos aren’t usually the most speedy content you can include on your website, the designers for this template have concentrated on making sure Noxe loads as fast as they can. Because of this, you won’t have to fret about the theme you choose having a direct impact on the speed of your website. Because Noxe integrates with the top media hosting services, it means you don’t need to save your video documents in the WordPress Media Library if you do not want to.

4. Formota

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Formota is a film production studio as well as a filmmaker WordPress theme that comes with 12 pre-built demo websites.

If you’re looking for ideas for your film website or you’re looking for an ideal theme to aid in the launch of your website as swiftly as you can, Formota is a good starting point. The 12 demos instantly appear like websites from movies which means that your visitors know what kind of website they’ve landed at the moment your homepage is loaded. Although they share features and general feel of these demos, they’re each unique enough to offer an array of choices of how your film website will appear.

For filmmakers and would like to market your services and publish your film online, Formota has a demo designed specifically to serve this kind of purpose. If you’ve got an upcoming movie you’d like to create an online presence in support of, Formota has a demo for this kind of project, too.

It’s important to mention the variety of demos since you can use elements of them to include them on your film website when using Formota. If there’s a template page or section that you like it, it could be easily added to your content using the Page Builder plugin from WPBakery which is included in this theme.

to help you design your own website, whether built on one of the demos , or something more custom, Formota comes with some helpful online instructions to make sure you’ll benefit from the theme. Assistance is available from the creators of the theme when that you’ve bought the theme.

5. Mato

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Mato is a chic WordPress theme designed for filmmakers and film studios.

While Mato is targeted at filmmakers and film studios however, it can be used for any kind of movie or film site. So, if you’re planning to build a website for film festivals or directors, actors or even agencies, Mato is a viable alternative.

You’ll get an idea of how your site will look by browsing the Mato demos. With the option of choosing 10 different themes to choose from, this is definitely an incredibly flexible theme. Although each of the demos differ from one another however, they all have a common design and design.

It is also possible to use portfolio slideshows and templates to show your work through interface page components that makes it simple for visitors to view the projects you’ve participated in. Other features, like sections that can support videos as background display, as well as the sliders for testimonials allow you to share additional work as well as comments from your customers and customers quick and simple.

Since this theme is so well-designed it’s likely that the templates as well as other content will be suitable for your site. If you want to alter their design, make use of WPBakery Page Builder, a premium WPBakery Page Builder module part of Mato. Mato themes package.

6. Circle

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Circle is a unique WordPress theme that comes with pre-built web templates for actors, directors bloggers, filmmakers, and actors.

The numerous Circle websites demos have various layouts and designs to help you choose the best option for your site. If you’re trying to promote your talents as an actor or director or building a site for the release of a new film, Circle has a pre-built style that will work. 

Once you’ve imported the content it’s a matter of changing the demo content with your own images, text and videos, or becoming more creative and using themes’ custom options to personalize the layouts. WPBakery is available to assist you in editing any of the content layouts from the demo or design your own unique pages by starting from beginning to finish.

Circle offers a number of the top features you’d expect to see in a well-known all-purpose WordPress theme, and all presented in a style that is suitable for filmmaker websites. A few of these features include numerous homepage modules that offer you the option of adding testimonials, profiles of team members sliders, call-to-action buttons, slideshows and much more on the front and the inner pages of your site. There are many integration options for social media for your website, such as an Instagram widget to share the latest images with your site’s visitors.

7. 9Studio

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Nine Studio is a theme that focuses on creating websites for the film and video industry. Filmmakers of all kinds are sure to appreciate the look as well as features offered by the Nine Studio theme. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to promote your latest work or promote your filmmaking abilities online or on social media.

Anyone involved in the production of films such as studios, agencies, to actors, freelancers and even actors, are likely to find an option to utilize this theme to build an impressive website. There’s also a demonstration to create an WordPress film blog, which comes with the ability to publish videos and Vlogs. 

Nine Studio includes a useful template for your pages which cover the most important components that your website may require. However, since you can use the WPBakery pages builder plug-in is part of Nine Studio, you are able to quickly create your own customized designs for your content. Because WPBakery comes with its own collection of templates for content and templates, you’ll be able to begin to create the new pages you’ll require to build for your film website. 

The high-end Slider Revolution plugin is on the way to assist you in creating videos slideshows as well as other interactive presentations that can assist you in promoting your projects. If you’re looking to gain charge over your own content, and stop relying on third party services such as YouTube and Vimeo, then Nine Studio can help you create your own movie website. 

8. Pelicula

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Pelicula is a film production and film WordPress theme designed for filmmakers of every kind. This theme offers 13 movie and video-related website templates which available to import to your WordPress dashboard in one or two clicks. The templates and demos of Pelicula each have styles that offer the ideal appearance for websites created by filmmakers, avoiding the effort of completing any additional design work after you’ve completed importing the demo information. 

Although the Pelicula demos work for websites that are film-related however, they differ from one another. This is why you have a variety of different options for your site. If you’re looking to build a site to present your work on films.

The demos are all equipped with elegant homepage templates which are guaranteed to grab the attention of your customers. This theme for filmmakers offers far more than the designs. Each of the demos comes packed with a variety of different templates that will help you present your work and post other content on your website. 

If you’re planning to integrate video content into the design of your site This theme includes everything you require to do so. The Pelicula templates are attractive enough to let you showcase your most recent film or filmmaking skills online. 

9. Leitmotif

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Leitmotif can be described as a film or film theme but anyone who is looking to design websites for video should consider using it. When you’re creating videos specifically for a particular audience or creating video content for clients, the Leitmotif theme is great option.

Therefore, if you’re trying to market your video content to a larger audience or gain more clients for your videography business Leitmotif provides a variety of templates that are suitable great for both projects. Once you’ve installed the theme, you are able to select from the available website demonstrations that are included in the Leitmotif package. 

There are many choices available, including styles that make you the center of attention on your website , and to promote your skills, abilities and character to make connections with your customers, or to forge collaborations to create new projects. 

There are templates to put your videos in the top of your site which allows your visitors to swiftly look over the work you’ve created. If you want to share your videos, there’s a wide range of portfolio templates available at your disposal with the Leitmotif theme pack. This means that whatever way you wish to showcase your work, you can find the right choice here. 

Other ways you can utilize this theme are to create websites for film festival and making an online showreel or constructing an online film director website. It is possible to mix and match designs from the different examples to build your own individual website using this theme as well. 

If you have more specific needs, you can utilize the built-in WPBakery Page Builder plugin to modify the templates, design your own designs and more generally personalize your website in various ways. Leitmotif is a flexible theme that can be used in a variety of ways to create an array of videography websites. 

10. Spool

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Spool” is an attractive theme that comes with six different designs for your video-friendly homepage for your website dedicated to videography. The demos share an distinctive style that will give your site a high-end atmosphere, particularly those that employ dark shades to designate your website. 

One of the demos features an attractive background image display, which is ideal to draw the attention of visitors upon their arrival to your site. If you’ve got quality video footage you think could work for a background display it’s possible that the Spool theme might be a good fit for your site. 

Based on the type of website you’re planning to build it’s likely that Spool may offer a demonstration that’s suitable for your particular project. The videography demo is an excellent option to promote your experience, expertise as well as completed projects online as well as drone-oriented demos work effectively to promote your professional drone-based services. Other demos are suitable for wedding videographers and film studios. 

No matter which demo you choose which one you choose, you’ll get access to a complete set of web templates. They not only appear great, but also come with a variety of features that are useful, such as intriguing designs for portfolios, slideshows testimonial carousels, as well as client logo displays that show whom you’ve worked for. 

When you want to add video content on your website there are a number of alternatives using Spool that include the ability to display video content from YouTube and Vimeo and also uploading them directly into the WordPress Media Library. The videos is attachable to the templates, and then play directly from your website pages or by using the popup windows that appear in lightbox. 

If you’re looking to make your site a distinctive and distinct look, Spool and its templates will definitely assist.


In this article, We have tried to bring you a complete list of the Best Filmmaker WordPress Themes. There are tons of WordPress themes for Filmmakers available in the theme marketplaces. Our specialist selected the best one based on, Features, Designs, Pre-made Templates, Responsiveness and Customizability.

These high-quality, WordPress Filmmaker themes can be a great way for you to get your Filmmaker website up and running. These themes come with both pre-made templates and easy-to-use customization options. 

By the way, each theme is unique, they all offer amazing value and have their strengths and weaknesses. We have also a collection of Free WordPress Themes.

Based on user demand and popularity, we will add more WordPress hotel themes in the near future. If you like a free WordPress theme let us know in the comment below.

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